Amplify Voices: It's not just a community; it's a movement. We're committed to inclusivity and believe that unheard voices can drive real change in our tech-driven world.


Amplify Voices envisions a world where every unique perspective, irrespective of age, gender, cultural background, or sensitivity, has the power to shape technology, business solutions, and innovation for the betterment of humanity. We believe that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation, and by amplifying these voices, we aim to revolutionize the way businesses are built, making them more inclusive, impactful, and aligned with the needs of a global audience. Our vision is to create a vibrant, interconnected community of value creators from all walks of life, united by a shared purpose to transform their ideas into businesses that change the world.


WHAT's included

  1. Amplify Voices Community: A community that aims to unite visionary creators worldwide. Participants join forces, utilising algorithmic strategies to help each other build communities, audiences, and businesses that have a global impact.

  2. Monthly Challenges: Engage in creative and business challenges designed to stretch your skills, foster innovation, and drive personal growth.

  3. Weekly Accountability: Stay on track with your goals by participating in weekly accountability sessions, where members support each other's progress.

  4. Supportive Community: Be part of a nurturing environment that encourages you to share your story and connect with an audience eager to hear your unique voice.

Join the Movement:If you're a consultant, coach, or health practitioner with entrepreneurial aspirations, innovative ideas, or a unique vision for positive change, Amplify Voices welcomes you. We're here to harness the power of a connected global audience of 5.6 billion people to build businesses that drive real impact.

Digital is your magic amplifier to a potential audience of 5.6 billion people globally, where geography, time, technology and language are no longer barriers. What will you create? What problems will you solve? What business building opportunity will you tap into?

Need help finding clarity as to your unique story and value - an Unlock & Amplify Blueprint Crafted Just for You? Learn more about the Unlock & Amplify program.

About your coach

Jane started her journey as a brand builder for global brands whilst working at Saatchi & Saatchi. She saw a new opportunity building through digital in the year 2000 and, since that time, has advised brands on their digital strategy, helping grow businesses online and revolutionising the way they connect with their customers.

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